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Baby Stuff

1 October 2009
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Having M reminds me of a whole bunch of things about K I thought I’d never forget but obviously did.

  • Baby noises: They’re so noisy! Even as newborns! M makes all sorts of little noises. When K was hungry, he actually sounded like a pig. M snorts too, but only when she’s REALLY hungry. She also doesn’t sound as much like a pig. Plus there’s the kind of happy background sound while nursing that both of them make/made. It’s not the swallowing; it’s kind of an “mmmmmm” sound. Maybe that’s where “Mmm-Mmm-Good” comes from?
  • Crossed-eyes: M’s already losing hers, but at first it was really noticeable that her eyes were not tracking together. Now she only does it when she starts nursing. It somehow makes her look all the more avid for her milk
  • Talking: I had forgotten how hard babies want to communicate and how fast they start making conversational noises. M has already figured out that talking sorts of noises will get our attention. A couple of nights ago she reeled in her father with an especially cute one and rewarded him with a big lopsided grin.
  • Peripatetic baby: I had also forgotten the sheer amount of time one spends walking around with a baby to keep him or her happy. Or is it just ours? (We do have a family tendency for getting easily bored.) Both K and now M want/wanted new things to look at after awhile. Being outside also helps; leaves blowing in the breeze are even more interesting than ceiling fans. You sure get tired quickly though; she already weighs more than 13 pounds!

I really want to get a picture of M grinning and smiling. (I’ve figured out that I need to take pictures when I change her diaper; that girl likes to be dry!) I haven’t yet, but here are some pictures I took while trying unsuccessfully to get her to smile.

And here’s a big one of my favorite of the bunch. It’s the clearest, and it’s the closest to the look she usually has as she studies the world.

Coming next . . . comparison photos. I’ve been taking some of M to purposefully match some I have of K as a baby.

I made these amazing yummy muffins for the second time. I’m going to have to force myself to make something occasionally that D likes because K and I LOVE these. Recipe here. (Note: Don’t fill your muffin cups too full. From a single batch, I get 12 big muffins with PB filling plus 12-16 mini muffins without filling.)

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  1. Andrea permalink
    2 October 2009 8:52 am

    How soon we forget, no? My lil’ lady is also very particular about being immediately changed and yes, we too have a short attention span. Luckily big bro is a great source of entertainment!

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