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My New Favorite Pants

28 January 2010

Last week I finally bit the bullet and went shopping for some pants that fit. I don’t like clothes shopping for myself and have a tendency to grab the first thing I see that’s reasonable and on sale.

This time I was smart and went with my MIL so she could baby hold. I went to Old Navy first and, surprisingly, last, as I found 4 pairs I liked while there.


  • MUST have pockets
  • be comfortable
  • hopefully not fall down after wearing for an hour (arrgh! stretch denim!)
  • not cost an arm and a leg

The Winner!
Wide-Leg Walking Pants
These pants are just about perfect for me! They are lightweight and stretchy. The waistband has a small piece of elastic sewn in place at the top; it doesn’t roll or gouge but does stay in place. I bought two pair, in part because they were on sale for $12. I just wish they’d had black in the store. Grey’s fine though. It’s really hard to find yoga-style pants with pockets, so I swooned when I found these.

Rib-Knit Waist Cargo Pants
These are comfy mostly because of the rib-knit waist. It has a drawstring, so it will stay up. These are also lightweight. I’m reserving judgment concerning their ability to roll up into capri as I don’t like how I look in capri pants. I’m also not a big fan of the cargo pockets, but they are nice and comfy!

The Dreamer Boot-cut Jeans
These are nice. The waist is cut right for me! The button doesn’t dig into me and the back doesn’t gape. I tried wearing them for a while before I cut the tags off in case the stretch denim sagged too much. But I got spit-up on them, so they’re mine. They’re a little long, so I think I’m going to chop off the hem. If I wore any heel at all they’d be perfect, but since I like to be barefoot . . .

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  1. 29 January 2010 10:53 pm

    Of course your blog stays in my reader, silly. ;-)

    I feel your pain on the “hate the clothes shopping” thing… clothing designers don’t think I have a body shape they should bother with, and they’re probably right. I’m oddly-shaped with square hips, a flat bum, a high waist and ginormous boobs. Add to that weighing in at 220 pounds currently, there just aren’t many options out there.

    I haven’t been able to shop at Old Navy (or most “normal” people clothing stores) in a few years, because they just don’t cater to the overweight much – this is fine, I’m not their demographic. :)

    ANYHOW, yay for comfy pants that stay up!!

    • nopinkhere permalink*
      30 January 2010 10:51 am

      You might be surprised at Old Navy. I weigh more than you and found pants that fit. I got XXL in the knit pants and cargo pants. And I got 18 in the jeans because the 20’s that I tried on were too big (nice feeling). Uncommon proportions I can’t do much about though. I tend to have a small waist for my hip size, hence the joy in finding the jeans that don’t gape at the back. Plus I need a bit of a low rise in the front so that nothing hard is digging into tender bits when I sit down.

      I have to admit I’m tempted by your make-my-own utilikilt quest. A sturdy, reasonable length skirt with pockets sounds lovely.

      I did go to Lane Bryant afterward to find a belt (for some of my other stretch denim jeans). I like how some of their pants fit, but I hate to pay full price. I never have much luck at The Avenue. Where do you find stuff when you have to?

      I also try to look at thrift stores, but there’s hardly ever anything in larger sizes.

      (Thanks! I continue to be amazed at your tolerance for reading about someone else’s kids.)

  2. 31 January 2010 8:39 am

    Old Navy carries bigger clothes? Huh! It’s been years and years since I’ve been there, and maybe the one in Bellevue just sucked in that department. Interesting. :)

    I relate to the hard bits digging into the sensitive bits, as most pants aren’t built for high-waisted folks. I can’t wear the low-rise pants because of the odd shape of my hips, so the waist needs to sit on my actual waist, which exacerbates the issue.

    Doesn’t a utilikilt sound awesome? I’m looking forward to the point when I can assemble such a creature. In the meantime, I need to figure out how to line the skirt I did make, because it sticks to tights like glue.

    In terms of where I find clothes… well, I don’t go shopping much, really. It’s depressing, frustrating and I don’t have a lot of extra spending money, so I keep the same clothes for years. I usually go to Lane Bryant first, because I know they’ll at least have something vaguely my size, even if the style leaves something to be desired a lot of the time.

    Kohl’s sometimes have things that fit, and I’m told Yonkers might, too. I made the mistake of walking into American Eagle a few weeks ago and realized nothing they stock would fit past one thigh – it was like a store of stick figures.

    I would kill for a comfortable pair of jeans that looks halfway decent. Men’s jeans fit me fairly well, but are not at all flattering. Women’s jeans tend to be too low in the rise.

    Ok, I could bitch about this all day, but OMG boring. ;-)

    As for reading about your kids, it’s really interesting to me to see how people choose to raise and entertain their kids. If at some point Mike and I do have kids, having all this stuff stockpiled will help me to be prepared. :D

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