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In Praise of Rubber Gloves

2 February 2010

Every year the skin on my hands has trouble making the transition from fall to winter. As I get older (gasp), it has a harder and harder time adjusting. What used to just be really dry skin has morphed into painfully dry, scaly skin with cracks and bleeding.

This year was really bad, I think because of all the washing hands after diaper changes.

When I remember, I slather on Norwegian formula Neutrogena or Aquaphor ointment. But I hate not wanting to touch anything for a bit after I put them on.

Right now the skin on my hands is a little dry and I haven’t used cream or ointment for a few weeks. All due to rubber gloves. I sprang for a pair of these at the grocery store to use for cleaning. Then I wised up and started using them for doing dishes too.

They have made all the difference. It’s really the only thing I’ve changed. I also use less water as I don’t feel a need to rinse off my hands all the time either.

Thank you rubber gloves!

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  1. 7 February 2010 12:13 pm

    Rubber gloves are awesome for keeping the nasty chemicals off your delicate, porous skin. If you have sensitive skin, I can see how dry + chemicals would result in Much Winter Badness.

    I’ve been using pure coconut oil for my ridorkulously dry scalp, and it’s doing a good job there. Maybe try some on the remaining dry skin?

    • nopinkhere permalink*
      7 February 2010 2:44 pm

      I have some in the pantry. I think I’ll try it. Thanks for the idea!

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