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Overtired = No Fun Baby

17 March 2010

Sometimes a baby’s schedule change is just a blip and things go back to status quo the next day.

Sometimes a baby’s schedule change is a full on shift in sleeping times.

Guess how hard it can be to tell the difference on the second day?

Yesterday Baby M didn’t sleep at her normal time around 4. Instead she crashed right after eating her food at dinner. I figured it was just a blip.

Tonight we went out to dinner. I tried all late-afternoon to get her to nurse and take a nap. No luck. I really wished we could skip going out, but we were committed. We ended up leaving a little late, but at least we got our food quickly. (Thank you Jason’s Deli!) After she ate her sweet potato, she just about keeled over. D and I traded her off while we all tried to finish our food and go. She spent the last bit curled up on D’s chest while I packed up to go.

In the truck on the way home, I think she drifted off. When we were nearly home, I heard the following conversation from the backseat.

K: “M___, are you asleep?”
K: “M___, your eyes are closed. Wake up!”
K: “Hi, M___! How are you feeling?”

Somehow we managed to not reach back and throttle our older child. When we got home, she was indeed awake.

I took her inside and tried to get her to nurse and go to sleep. No luck. We came back downstairs to hang out with the guys for a bit. She didn’t want to be set down. My mellow baby was getting so frustrated that she’d immediately start crying.

I tried again a bit later. She just could not settle. Bouts of furious thumb-sucking* were interspersed with angry crying. I couldn’t set her down without setting her off. Any little noise set her off. After almost half-an-hour of this, she finally relaxed and went to sleep.

Poor baby! (Poor Mama!)

I guess we have a new schedule!

*Why is it that about every fourth time I try to say thumb-sucking, it comes out sum-thucking?

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  1. 19 March 2010 1:10 am

    poor you, my niece has been resisting her nap too and crashing around dinner time ugg

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