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Spring Cleaning, Sort of

8 April 2010

Ick! Cleaning! Not my favorite thing to do. In fact, I tend to avoid it–with the result that I can’t sit down at my desk with my daughter in my lap without her grabbing some that she shouldn’t.

So today I cleared off most of it. I didn’t get to finish, but at least it’s pretty empty. Now I hope I can trade it with my sewing table. My desk just gets cluttered up to the limit of space, so I want to make that space smaller. My sewing table doesn’t have room for me to have both my machine and my serger plugged in and going; a pain when I’m going back and forth.

I feel better, but I’m not going to pat myself on the back until the desks are actually switched.

I read a good article today about spring cleaning your kids’ toys. I don’t know that I’ll manage to do much more of what she recommends.

I’ve already done some of it relatively recently. I went through the toys a couple of months ago because K couldn’t get into his toy corner in the living room. I left half of them out (somewhat rearranged), put one quarter away, and donated the other quarter. I did it without his input mostly. Of course the things he did ask for were junky plastic stuff I wanted out of our house.

I intend to rotate the toys I put away, and I really need to figure out where his new birthday toys should live. AND what should go away to give them room.

One thing she mentions that we already do is “toy sets.” My hubby and I both tend to be a little anal about putting things away together instead of dumping them all in one big box. He’s even more careful about it than I am. He’ll put blocks away by color so that he can tell which one is missing if any are. I just mix them up when I put them back in the box. (I know at least one friend that things I’m weird for not just dumping them in a tub and another friend who would not only sort by color but by shape as well. It’s funny how broad the range of what feels right can be.) I’m glad that we’re pretty close together on this because I know that it can be an issue in other families. It can be hard to be appreciative that the toys are put away when they’re not put away close to the same way you would do it.

Anybody else doing any spring cleaning? If so, want to come and dust my blinds for me?

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  1. Keitha Leury permalink
    10 April 2010 7:22 am

    Good for you for getting started. Samuel’s play room is overloaded with toys. I have not gotten rid of any of his toys except the little baby ones. I did go thru them once and put some toys in a bag to donate but he found the bag and dragged the toys back to his play room. I need to tackle his toys before the summer starts and I have a bunch of kids running around my house.

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