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Is Walking a Father’s Day Present?

20 June 2010

Guess what little person started walking today after lunch?

We started with the classic: walk to Mama, turn around, walk to Papa, repeat, repeat, repeat. 4 or 5 steps each time. Tons of encouragement and clapping.

Then later, M stood up from the step by the front door and just took off for her father and walked 6 or 7 steps with no prompting from anybody.

Congrats little one!

For father’s day presents, we made the grandfathers wind chimes similar to these. We added in some jingle bells too.

For Papa, I had K color and cut out a King for a Day crown from Family Fun while someone was still sleeping. (Lucky guy!) Then we had pancakes for breakfast once he woke up. Then during M’s morning nap, K and I made chocolate chip cookies for his Papa as his present. The best kind of present is one you can share, right?

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  1. 3 August 2010 11:20 am

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that I have left you some blog awards on my blog.

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